My Approach

A massage session attends to the individual, not only in the physical aspect of the body but also in achieving a feeling of balance and wholeness.

At Body In Balance I offer several styles of massage and body work, including Deep Tissue & Swedish Massage, Somatic Movement, CranioSacral, Reiki, Trigger Point & Myofascial Release.

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Deep Tissue & Swedish Massage · CranioSacral Therapy · Hot Stone Massage ·  Prenatal Massage · Reiki · Somatic Movement · Trigger Point


Deep Tissue & Swedish Massage 

Deep Tissue & Swedish Massage uses long gliding strokes along the body to bring about deep relaxation, allowing the receiver to let go of stress and tension. Deep tissue, as the name implies, aims at a deeper level of the muscle tissue and is more focused on specific areas of pain and tension. Commonly, Swedish and deep tissue massage are used together in a session, which may consist of a full body massage or may concentrate on areas of concern. Massage therapy has many documented benefits beyond moderation of stress and physical discomforts and should be considered a vital aspect of your health maintenance program. Not only is massage beneficial, it just plain feels good!

CranioSacral Therapy

A gentle, light touch is used in the detection and correction of malfunctions in the body. The therapist works with the meningeal lining, which surrounds the brain and spinal cord. This lining is attached to the inside of the cranium bones and the base of the spine, or sacrum. By using a very light pressure and movement on different areas of the head and body, restrictions may be released. CranioSacral Therapy may open sinus cavities to allow fluids to flow correctly, relieve contracted muscles and impinged nerves, veins and arteries. As stress on the central nervous system is released, the body works to self correct and heal itself. During a session the client remains fully clothed.

Hot Stone Massage

A relaxing massage using warm black basalt stones. Muscles, aches and worries melt under the heated stones leaving you completely relaxed!

Prenatal Massage 

Prenatal Massage is a gentle and nurturing massage for the expectant mother. In the early weeks of pregnancy the woman may lay on her back and her abdomen. As her belly begins to grow she will receive massage in a side-lying and semi-reclined position. It is always best to consult with your Doctor prior to receiving a prenatal massage.


An ancient healing art form recently rediscovered. Reiki works with universal life force energy, also known as Chi, Ki or Qui. The therapist uses a gentle placement of hands on the client’s body redirecting energy, so that blocked areas may be released, allowing the energy to flow more efficiently. This assists in alleviating malfunctions in the body and gives the individual a wonderful sense of overall well being. The client remains fully clothed during a Reiki session.

Somatic Movement 

Somatic Movement uses gentle motion to facilitate the release of chronic muscle tension. The practitioner, while in a meditative state, guides the client’s body through various movements, such as rocking, weighing or lifting, and light traction. A session may leave the client feeling more integrated, whole and graceful, and imparts a deep sense of calm and peacefulness. Somatic movement may help to alleviate pain and dysfunction throughout the body.

Trigger Point

A trigger point is a knot or wad of muscle fibers staying in a hard contraction, never relaxing. A trigger point affects a muscle by keeping it both tight and weak. Quite often trigger points send pain to other areas of the body rather than directly at the cause. Trigger points can cause neck and jaw pain, headaches, backaches and numerous other aches and pains. By working the trigger point repeatedly one can often find relief from pain.